I am a graphic designer with a passion for handmade. I am from the small island of Cyprus and I live with my husband and baby boy. My studio is at my home where I create my work with passion and love.


"Life simply is too short to drink bad wine, wear uncomfortable shoes or live with bad design"


Art has always been in my life since I can remember. I always enjoyed making things with my hands from jewelry making to handbags, pottery and painting. Handmade Cards have always been a passion since I was studying Graphic Design in the UK. I bought all kinds of materials and tools for card-making and for years, I have made them for family and friends. 


Since I started working as a graphic designer here in Cyprus I have always been fascinated by the idea of running a handmade card business. I decided to combine the 2 creative methods together and came up with the idea of ilovecreating.com which is an enjoyable and at the same time professional business. Since October 2011 I have opened my Etsy Shop "ilovecreatingcards" and my dream is finally coming true.  In my shop you will also find Invitations for Children and Art for Children's room decor. 


I hope you like my cards and invitations as much as I love making them.